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When it comes to earning a decent, hassle-free living online, you'll be hard-pressed to find another business model that can compare with affiliate marketing.

Okay, I get it. Affiliate marketing isn't really a business model, per-se. It's more of a monetization strategy. Blogging would be a business model. YouTubing would be a business model. List building using paid traffic would be a business model.

Affiliate marketing is, in fact, a mere monetization strategy. It can be used in conjunction with any "business model." You can promote products as an affiliate to your YouTube audience, blog readers, and/or email list.

Fair enough.

To take it a step further, affiliate marketing need not be your only monetization strategy. You can promote other people's products within your own paid offers. You can recommend products on Adsense-monetized blog posts. For me and this website I utilize a variety of monetization strategies, but of all of them, affiliate marketing is the most profitable and in my opinion is the easiest to implement. 

So let's just make sure that we're clear about that.

We also need to be clear about something else...

Not all affiliate marketing opportunities are created equal.

You can promote a wide range of offerings...

- Physical products (via Amazon, WalMart.com, CJ.com, etc.)

- Supplements and potions (via Market Health, SellHealth, Tiger Fitness, etc.)

- Digital info products and software (via Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, etc.)

- Big-ticket services and/or coaching (usually via webinars)

- Digital tools and resources (autoresponders, web hosting, link trackers, etc.)

- CPA and PPL (cost-per-action and pay-per-lead opportunities)

- Traffic (solo ads, etc.)

The point is, opportunities are endless, which I would assert is a main reason why so many people actually fail online. Choice overload can be a real problem. So what I'm trying to do today is help to simplify the process.

I want to make your choice so easy that you're absolutely COMPELLED to begin taking immediate action. It really is time to turn things around. I'm convinced that the types of affiliate opportunities I'm recommending to you ARE, in fact, the best.

And here are the criteria through which my conviction has been born...

1. You should earn high commissions.

2. You should earn recurring commissions.

3. Your affiliate opportunities should help you build your email list.

4. The products you promote should be necessary, and have a proven track record.

There are other, less essential criteria I've personally used, but these are the big four. And I don't want to overwhelm you, so we'll leave it at that.

So, based on the criteria listed above, let's go ahead and eliminate some affiliate product types and see what we're left with.

For starters, Amazon is out. The commissions are too small. We're talking 4-8%. Also, once a sale is made, you're done. No more money for you, kimosabe. Lame.

This is true for most physical products in general, with the exception of some health products, which may come with recurring billing. If the "supplements and potions" industry is something that excites you, then this may still be a thing.

The problem is, however, many of these magic potions are ineffective. At least, they don't seem to work for everyone. Reviews almost always tend to lean toward the negative, from what I've seen. So retention rates are suspect. This isn't where I'd personally put my focus. But to each their own. 

So what about digital products?

Marketplaces like Clickbank, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus have thousands upon thousands (upon thousands) of digital info products and software systems on offer.

Are these good options?

Well, sometimes.

If it's a product that's built to last, and not just a "flash in the pan" that'll be off the market within a few weeks or months of its launch, then it may be worth promoting. And if it comes with recurring billing, all the better.

As a rule, Clickbank is probably your best option (If you are wanting many products all in one place) for digital products, as their offers tend to gain more traction in the marketplace, remaining evergreen and relevant for long stretches of time... some seemingly indefinitely! 

With all of that having been said, I really do think that the very best products to promote are long-standing, industry-standard tools with recurring billing.

We're talking about tools that all online entrepreneurs NEED in order to keep doing business online. If they fail to pay their monthly bill, their entire business may collapse. This gives you the ultimate in security, knowing that each and every month, you'll be earning commissions and getting paid like clockwork.

And the more you promote them, the larger your monthly income will grow.

Speaking of our list, let's hop to it!

The Top 5 Affiliate Programs to Promote

Product #5 – Udimi

This is a long-standing marketplace where people can purchase Solo Ads from. I have even sold Solo Ads on this very marketplace as well. 

Just in case you do not know what Solo Ads are, Check Out This video.

Perks of promoting this marketplace. 15% of every order from someone you refer. So not only do you get 15% of their first order but every time they order as well.

Pro Tip: make a list of preferred vendors so you know that they will be well taken care of. 
My Preferred Vendors (It is a short list)
Mikael Park
Phillip Coble
Sarah Crunk

If they decide to get a premium membership you get 50% for every month they are a member. And finally to wrap it all up, anyone you refer gets an instant $5 off the first order, so I mean, it is well worth to at least try it out 1 one.  

Product #4 – GetResponse

This is one of the world's leading autoresponder services. It allows its customers to build large email lists, and mail out to these lists in order to grow their businesses. You can bring people in for their  free trial offer, and then earn ongoing monthly commissions as long as they continue to pay their bill... which most people do!

The larger your customers email lists grow, the higher their monthly bill will become... and the larger YOUR commissions will grow!      

Product #3 – QLiker

This is a link tracker with a very nice retention rate. You actually earn and then 20% every month they are a member. Which if they are running Solo Ads a click tracker is a must have. When you compare the price point of QLiker to its biggest competitor and the fact that it does literally the exact same thing but at a much cheaper price, this one becomes a no brainer. 

Product #2 – Go High Level 

This is a really awesome piece of cloud based software. This can do a lot of things and I know a few digital marketing agencies that run their entire businesses using just this. 

Landing/Sales pages to full blown websites. Email marketing and best of all it can do text messaging as well. 

You might be asking, but Spencer, why is this number 2? Well mostly because I feel you could get away with not using it, and it happens to be to the most expensive software on this list. 

Product #1 – Thrive Themes

This is the very WordPress theme that the website you are on right now is made with. I also use this theme for all of my funnel pages and sales pages. It is honestly one of the easiest WordPress themes that I have ever worked with.

This is at number one because literally EVERY single person who is doing anything online needs a website. Solo ads and email lists, while I do believe that people need them a person can still find success without them, while it would be much harder, they can still do it. However if you are trying to run any kind of online business, you will need a website at some point. 

What products would you add to the list?

Let me know in the comments down below. 

For My Full List Of Recommended Digital Products


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