Spencer Broom

Travel By Broom Founder

I was born and raised in Texas and spent most of my life in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex until I went off to College. I went off to university in the great state of Arkansas. Arkansas was very good to me and I made some life-long friends. However, Arkansas is not exactly known for its big cities and world culture. So what was suppose to be my Senior year I did a study abroad in Florence, Italy. This led me to be what I like to call a Super Senior. This basically means it took me 5 years to graduate instead of the typical 4. The reason behind this is because most of my classes during my study abroad did not count towards anything except for my student loan payments. During my time in Italy and backpacking around Europe at the end of that Semester, I grew to love traveling, learning about other cultures and having new experiences.

I had an internship during college that allowed me to explore northern California for two summers and after I graduated I worked a job that allowed me to travel around the Southern US. Unfortunately or I guess fortunately depending on how you look at it, this was not enough exploring to quench my traveling thirst. That is how I find myself currently living in Seoul, South Korea exploring the rest of Asia at every opportunity I get.

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