Cash Back Debit Card!

This article is going to be a bit of a long one, so buckle in. 

While I have obviously written about making money, specifically through the power of the internet, this article is going to be on financial advice. Now this is clearly my opinion, as I am not a financial advisor, nor have I ever claimed to be all that great with money. 

However, I think you are going to like this and you should for sure hear me out. 

Now I know what you are thinking, no debit card offers cash back. 

This is where you are wrong my friends, because I have discovered a debit card that does offer cash back. 

So Spencer, what is this new cashback debit card. 

It is with a company called Crypto Dot Com, full disclosure and you can probably tell by the name that this is a crypto debit card. 

How can they offer up to 5% cash back on a debit card though?

Well, here is the deal, you get the percentage back in MCO (Monaco Cryptocurrency). This is a blockchain based digital currency. 

I know you are probably thinking already that this is a scam, and all I can tell you is that it is not. 

Here is a video of my explaining more about Crypto Dot Com. 

(Video Coming Soon)

And Here is a video of me using my Crypto Dot Com Ruby Red card. (Yes, I have the card myself and I do use it)

Something else that is really awesome!

The valuation of MCO could go up. 

As of writing this article the valuation of MCO is $5.77. (According To Coin Gecko)

Now this also means that the next time you pay your bills with your Crypto Dot Com card you would get less MCO but you will still get whatever equals the correct dollar amount worth is. 

Pro Tip: Many credit cards do allow you to pay them with a debit card, however you have to call or go into the bank itself. Think about the cashback ontop of the credit card cashback. 

What if you combined this with a Service Like Lolli, they give you cashback in bitcoin just for shopping at certain stores online. This is simply just a chrome plugin and it will give you a notification if you are on a online store that they work with, so you do not have to remember that you even have it because it will let you know that you can make some moolah for buying something. 

I have even some online stores where Lolli is offering as high as 36% back in BTC. Expedia is at 5%, Booking is at 3.5%, thousands of other online sites and tons of big names that you probably already user frequently. Obviously you could use Lolli with anycard you wanted as well but personally I am trying to build up my crypto portfolio on the easy. 

Here is a video where I talk about Lolli a bit more in depth. 

(Video Coming Soon)

Cashback from Lolli
Cashback from Crypto Dot Com

Just imagine, or legitimately do the math if you want, how much cashback you would get if several of your expenses where also some of Lolli's partners? You would be gettin a decent amount of BTC very easily. 

I am not going to go through the explanations on why I think you should be investing in crypto, but the very fact that you can do it without doing anything extra. Well, I mean, that is what should be convincing you. 

So far I get it, this whole post reads like a sales pitch. Well, if you look at any of my social media profiles they will tell you that I am really into crypto currency. This is a major way for you to get some serious money back on your purchases without having to do anything extra. Just deposit it into you Crypto Dot Com account and forget about it for awhile. Keep paying your bills and collecting those satoshis ( The satoshi is currently the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency recorded on the block chain.) and it is going to massively add up. 

Honestly, this is something I have been doing for awhile. And, I haven't added any extra time to get my normal spending / errands done or paying off my bills. I know I threw some math at you (I get it, I hate math too) but it had to be done. 

Here are some other super fast ways to grab some quick cash on the easy. None of these methods require you to spend any of your own money. I know everyone could use some more moolah these days. 

  - Create a Robin Hood Account  - 1 Free (Random) Stock
    (Just sell the stock, withdraw funds, and close your account if you want.)
  - Create a WeBull Account - 1 Free (Random) Stock, then 1 bonus (random) stock for $100 deposit.
    (Do not worry, you can just sell your free stock and withdrawal your funds without spending a dime)
  - Coinbase Earn - Over $200 (Watch some short videos and answer a question after each video)
    (Convert your "earned" crypto into USD and withdraw, no money needs to be spent.)
  - CashApp - Create an account
    (Send your buddy $5 and they will give you $5, then have your buddy send you the money back.)
  - Download the CryptoTab web browser
    (Just use the internet like normal and earn BTC.)

So if this post convinced you in any way to learn more about crypto, I highly suggest that you go and check out My Crypto Toolkit

Hope you are staying happy and healthy during all the craziness that is happening in the world.



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