Just Outsource It!

When you get started online everything can seem like some kind of spaghetti mess. To an extent I would agree with you. I mean take a look at my Toolkit and you have a lot of different software’s and things that a person would need to learn how to use if they wanted to copy everything that I am doing exactly.

However I got good news for you, you don’t need to learn everything.

You do not need to be able to control everything.

To be honest, so many people want to control everything they are really just getting in their own way.

Do I think its good to know how to do lots of things, absolutely.

Do I think its possible to be amazing at everything?

Absolutely not!

What is that old saying,

Jack of all Trades, Master of none. 

Is that who you really want to be? I mean honestly?

So many people get started in this online game and they try to learn every single skill set needed to get up and running.

My question to them is why?

Seriously why?

You do not need to know how to do everything. Should you be knowledgeable and have at least the most basic concepts down of many things, sure, but you also need to know where your shortcomings are.

Take for instance my logo

Spencer Broom Logo

You know how long it would have taken me just to make what appears to be a very simple logo?

It would have taken me a very very long time. So long in fact that I probably wouldn’t have gotten anything else done for like a week if not longer.

I would have taken a ton of time researching what program is best to make it in. Then taken time learning how to use that program, only to realize I chose the wrong program and then more research and more learning time etc… etc.. That by the time I finally finished my logo I probably would have decided I didn’t like it in the first place and started all over again.

Why do that to myself? So what did I do, I outsourced it.

Outsourcing isn’t just for some manufacturing in China or India anymore. I know people who outsource just about their entire online business. From writers, designers, coders, marketers etc…

You name it and I can just about guarantee that their is a person you can outsource that task to.

I just had an entire lead generation site outsourced and I am going to take it a step further and outsource several other things needed to make that site successful as well.

Why would I do this?

Time = Money, and I would rather retroactively learn how to do something after its already been done then slow up the entire process and never get to the money making in the first place.

Sites like Fiverr, Legiit, Upwork etc… and so many more are making this even easier to do.

I have met so many people focus on the littlest things that have no bearing on whether they make money or not, and because they were focused on this stupid thing they never got to the money making.

Then do you know what they did, they gave up!

They decided that because they couldn’t get their website looking exactly how they wanted to, they go and tell people its impossible to make money online, its all a scam blah blah blah.

What a bunch of crap!

So seriously if you want some widget to do something in particular and all the googling you have done wont solve your problem, seriously just pay someone else to do it.

In fact save yourself the headache of googling in the first place and pay someone else to do it from the start.

Personally, I outsource stuff all the time.

I am not an expert in everything, but I know what my end goal is and I would like to be at that goal sooner rather than later.

So if I need a fancy graphic or sales copy, or I cant get my website to do this one function, I outsource it.

You might be sitting their going, but Spencer I  do not have the budget to outsource stuff, not right now anyways.

That’s fine I can understand that.

To you I would say to focus most on what really matters. Do I actually need a fancy logo? No

Does my website really need to have all kinds of bells and whistles to make money? No

You only need a few key skill sets to make money online and even those you do not need to be very good at.

Focus on the things that bring in money and once you have that money you can start to outsource everything else.

A Great Example

As many of you are aware, I use to live in China.

During my time in China I even outsourced basic chores around my apartment like cooking and cleaning.

Why would I do this?

Spencer you are a very lazy person.

No, I knew that these things needed to be done but I also knew that my time could have been better spent somewhere else.

The average cost for a maid in China was about $2 USD an hour. During my time I could easily make $20 – $40 USD an hour tutoring English, which do you think was a better use of my time?

I chose to work while someone else cleaned my apartment.

You already outsource things in your life anyways, Dry Cleaning, Oil Changes, Fast Food. Why do you pay for these things? Because you already know that these people specialize in doing these tasks and are going to get things done faster and most likely better than you.

So really think about what you are doing. Is it really worth your time trying to get this widget to do this one particular thing when you could have paid some person on Legiit a small fee to fix your problem while you worked on more blog posts, YouTube videos, courses etc… that actually bring in money.

So this is my advice especially if your on a tight budget, if you have the knowledge and skills to do something then do it. In fact make an account on sites like Legiit and Fiverr and get other people to pay you to do the things your good at. If You don’t know how to do something, sure take a little bit of time to see if its something you can do yourself. If you cant figure it out quickly just pay someone else.

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