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How Do I know this can help you out?
Well because this is the way that I did it.

Teaching English abroad allowed me to have a schedule with a lot more free time and I was able to still earn an income, so worrying about money coming in wasn’t an issue.

With all that extra free time I was able to travel and explore just about as much as I wanted too. This also allowed me much more free time to work on my travel blog and do more things to work towards a full online income as well.

Sure I started a travel blog but that doesn’t mean you have to.

I could have started any kind of blog that I wanted to but travel is something that I was passionate about and greatly enjoyed.

So without further ado here is my list of the top sites to find a job teaching abroad (Notice I didn’t say teaching English specifically), These are also not in any particular order by the way.

ESLCafe.com also known as Dave’s ESL Cafe
This site is massive and has so many resources about teaching abroad is most definitely cannot be overlooked. Sure the layout and appearance is a bit dated but that just adds to the charm. This is probably the largest job board on the internet when it comes to teaching English abroad. While it has forums and a ton of information it specifically has three job boards, One for China, One Focused on South Korea, and the third is for the rest of the world.

China and South Korea are singled out specifically because they are the largest markets for ESL jobs. However if you aren’t wanting to work in one of these two countries the international job board is still an amazing resource, it will just be a bit tougher to comb through.

This is a newer site and seriously offers some great jobs. This site specifically focuses on South Korea. Since this site focuses on a specific country they are able to break things down a bit better then a bigger site would. For one they actually separate jobs from Direct Hire to Recruiters. This is an amazing feature and one that a more experienced person should take huge advantage of. If you have been around the block a few times having to use a recruiter and all the benefits/downfalls that entails shouldn’t be something you would want.

This is a site that is specifically for Thailand. It has some really good jobs available and many of the jobs wont be found anywhere else. Also with living in Thailand guides, and an activity community of people who live and work in Thailand this is a site that most definitly should not be overlooked.

What a great resource for all things Japan. This site is not specifically for teaching jobs but jobs in Education do happen to be the largest and most active job board on the site.

Unfortunately unlike most of the other resource sites here this one is not free. However it does come with the fact that the mass majority of the schools on this site are reputable international and private schools. So the positions to be found here are typically going to pay quite a bit more. While more money might not always be the case I can confidently tell you that you aren’t going to be finding any chain after school academies either (not that their is anything wrong with those places)

Profs Abroad
Just like the previous site this one is also paid but also like the last one the jobs found here are pretty sweet. This site in particular is geared to finding those ever sought after University gigs, as the name might suggest. In case you thought your credentials didn’t allow for a cushy University gig I can assuredly tell you that not all locations have the same strict hiring practices and as long as you meet the normal ESL position credentials it is possible to find a University job with just those as well but it might not always be in the best of locations.

Shenzhen Party & The Beijinger
Both of these sites are once again not particularly geared towards teaching jobs but don’t let their names fool you either. While Shenzhen Party might be geared towards Southern China and The Beijinger be more geared towards Northern China they both have positions for all over China. Both of these sites are also rather niche sites and I defintly wanted to include them because these are both sites I was not fully made aware of until I actually moved to Shenzhen and had lived their awhile. For those that do not know, Shenzhen has over 12 million people and is literally right next to Hong Kong.

Finally I will round out this list with the more generic job board sites that don’t have anything in particular to mention about them.
TEFL Search
ESL Base
ESL Employment
ESL Job Feed
ESL 101
I hope everyone has found this list helpful. If I left out a site that you think is more than just a generic job board site and needs to be featured here please do not hesitate to mention it in the comments below.

To your next adventure!

– Spencer

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